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Kavi Mehta

My name is Kavi, I belong to Jaspur, District Udham Singh Nagar (Uttarakhand)I was just 18 at the time and decided to start work somewhere. However, due to lack of skills, no one was offering me a job. I never wanted to work as a laborer like my father. I was creative and wanted to do something different in my life.
As a result, I enrolled for a Video Editing course. After completing the course a got a job in Roshni Art Studio at a handsome salary package. Thanks Team!

Ryan D’Costa

Hi, I am Ryan D’Costa from Molnom, Motbung, Senapati, Manipur. After completing my graduation, I came to know about skill training course and I decided to join the course as it was related to computer. During the training I learnt lots of skills which helped me to build up my confidence and improved my personal skills. Computer skills and soft skills. I got job placement on completion of my course at Raj Infotech for 7 Lakhs PA.

Akash Rebello

I am Akash Rebello and, I stay in Indore, MP along with my family. My father is a farmer. With passing days, it was becoming difficult for him to take care of the five of us. I saw my father always struggling with finances, but still, he ensured education for me. I could not study much because of our financial conditions. By enrolling on this training, I challenged my fate and decided to change it. I chose to get trained under the dance tutorial. After the training completion I started my own dance studio and am doing well today.

Sakshi Goyal

Getting a job was not easy inspite of me being a graduate. When I started attending the training I was a not confident. But as the time passed and I cleared my assessment, I had gained confidence and command over my spoken English. I got a job opportunity in reputed MNC at 6.5Lakh PA

Soni Gupta

Hi, I am Soni Gupta from Kanpur, U.P. Language training has enhanced my ability to see life with a broader perspective.
Thanks to my family for their support that my journey has been very comfortable. Extending my special thanks to Perficient vision for making me self independent in supporting my family now.

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